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16 Sep Testimonials

Testimonials draw your message out in a natural way. They can be informative, touching, engaging, entertaining – or anything in between. They are not meant to sound “perfect”; the goal is to be “real”.

Bardgett Denture Clinic

This ad is one of a series. The client’s expertise was astounding, but he also really understood how life-changing his product was for his customers. You can hear pride, confidence and compassion in his voice

Lally Southpoint Ford

These guys… wow. What a great duo with fantastic chemistry. Even with all the selling points of this business, the biggest draw ended up being the personalities you would meet when you bought your car there.

Drs Mastronardi & O’Connor

This was a very serious story about a little girl with vision problems. The client’s skill was implied through the diagnosis of the condition, but their courteous treatment of the patient did not go unnoticed.

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