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16 Sep Humour

Humour is a great way to showcase your product or service, but you want to ensure the entertainment value doesn’t overshadow your message. Humor also has a short shelf-life, so changing your creative at regular intervals will keep it from getting tired.

Boston Pizza

We all know someone who considers themselves hilarious. In this ad, a harmless goofball helps us highlight Boston Pizza’s selling points.

Division Road Pre-School

When writing this ad, I thought a “big brother” trying to get away with avoiding his little sister under the pretext of “concern” would be funny. Having the character write a letter allowed me to address all the advantages of the client’s business without sounding like a grocery list.

Essex Appliance Centre

Sometimes it’s just one phrase that sparks an idea. In this commercial, the selling point “tough on food” made me think about this dishwasher as a contender in a MMA match –dominating “stuck on” food like a champ!

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