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16 Sep Holiday

At a time of year when EVERYONE is advertising, how do you ensure your message cuts through the clutter? Writing holiday ads can be challenging with everyone trying to say the same thing; but I think there are also so many opportunities to get creative! Loveable characters, stories, poems, etc, can all be used to tell your company’s story.

Tecumseh BIA

In this ad, we discover Santa’s elves run out of ideas, just like you and I – but this business never seems to!

Emeryville Collision

The holidays have a darker side too, many of us have to travel great distances to enjoy all that family togetherness! In this ad, we see the long, frustrating road trip and the importance of making sure your vehicle is road ready.
Boston Pizza
Combining the idea of a “crazy first date” with “going crazy” for a product or service gave us this ad!

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