1. COMMERCIAL Tara Hewitt 1:00
  2. NARRATIVE Tara Hewitt 1:02
  3. PHONE MESSAGING Tara Hewitt 0:35
Tara Hewitt | Emotional Sell
A professional voiceover artist who also provides copy writing services for advertising, training, and marketing campaigns.
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16 Sep Emotional Sell

We make buying decisions based on emotion, so connecting with your customer emotionally will be more successful than trying to “sell” them something. Show your potential client how your product or service will benefit them, improve their life, or solve a dreaded problem – then give them the information they need to justify the purchase.

Riley’s Rooms

Through theatre of the mind, the listener quickly understands that this client’s furniture LASTS, and is therefore a backdrop for many family memories.

Motor City Community Credit Union

Ever try having an adult conversation when your child (or theirs) is vying for attention? This dad manages to extol the client’s virtues while being constantly interrupted – allowing us to see exactly why these features work for him and his family.

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